Martine Lavoie et Benedicte Lavoie, FGA Gemmologists





Gemmological Association of Great Britain


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Canadian Gemmological Association

Gem Dealer

FGA Gemmologist

ICA Ambassador for Canada
(International Colored Gemstone Association)

Certified Jewellery Appraiser
École de gemmologie de Montréal


Martine Lavoie, president of Pierres de charme Inc. created the company in 2012, a company that specializes in the sale of fine and precious stones. Martine Lavoie has over thirty years of experience in the business world. His fiber and his talents as a dynamic entrepreneur are added to a solid knowledge of gemology and the evaluation of stones and jewelry.


Today, her passion is to find exceptional stones for her customers at the best price. To do this, she travels the world creating strong relationships with reputable suppliers in producing countries such as Burma, Sri Lanka, Brazil or East Africa. She became Canada's ambassador for ICA (International Gemstone Association) and took part in numerous meetings and discussions on the international gemstone market.


In 2015, her daughter Bénédicte Lavoie joined Pierres de charme. After obtaining a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Management, she trained in gemology and obtained the internationally recognized title of FGA with merit (Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain). In 2018, she learned lapidary art during a stay in Bangkok in addition to forming solid relationships in this important city for the gemstone market. She becomes a member of the board of directors and works actively on several committees of ICA (International Gemstone Association) since 2023.



Martine and Bénédicte Lavoie
Martine and Bénédicte Lavoie

Our mission 

Serving our customers with integrity and taking into account their specific needs is a priority. Our network of suppliers allows us to respond to their requests for unique projects. Our mission is also to share our knowledge of gemology, especially with jewelry and gemology students, to disclose treatments, to provide information on the market for fine and precious stones, in short, to work in partnership with our customers. To keep ourselves on the cutting edge of information in the field of stone and jewelry, we regularly participate in international conferences and congresses. We work with high standards of ethics and transparency. We had the chance to visit several mines in many countries including Tanzania, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, etc. and it is important for us to go into the field and share our experiences.



Our day-to-day work


We receive our clients at our Montreal office every day of the week according to the schedule posted on the website and work exclusively with people in the field of jewelry, we do not sell to the public. We also have a large clientele outside Quebec across Canada and the United States. For those outside of Montreal, we offer exceptional service by sending photos and prices by email and we deliver daily anywhere in North America via Fedex or Canada Post.


We visit our clients in Quebec, Halifax, Fredericton, Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. We also visit eight jewelry schools across Canada and always offer the same quality of service whether you are a student or a professional.


In just a few years, Pierres de charme has earned the trust of a growing number of jewelers and goldsmiths and has carved out an enviable place for itself in the North American colored stone industry. The company is renowned and known for its efficient and personalized professional service, its concern for information and integrity. We work with strict ethical standards and follow the ICA Code of Ethics.