03 September 2019

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2019 trends


The market of coloured stones is constantly evolving, influenced by fashion but also by the social and economic context. Here are some excerpts from a recent article found in the Gemguide on the latest 2019 trends. Interesting how we agree with the various gem dealers that were interviewed.


Sapphires, rubies and emeralds remain on top of the list of best sellers. Montana sapphires are increasingly more popular among consumers and more and more in demand outside North America. Montana sapphires are beginning to occupy a significant portion of the sapphire market.


Besides the three previous stones, another big seller is garnet! Despite a slight increase in the price of rough material due to the strong demand, garnet remains a relatively affordable option in most cases.


The biggest trend causing an increase in the use of coloured stones is found among young jewellers and designers who are looking for alternative colours such as blue-green, peach or gray.


We, on our side, have noticed over the past two years a relatively constant and significant rise in demand for emeralds. Aquamarine is also gaining in popularity while the demand for morganite remains constant.


Fancy color sapphires such as green and peach, as well as two-tone stones, are also popular with customers. Young jewellers and students dare to choose more coloured stones such as alexandrites and Montana sapphires, or pretty pastel and less traditional colors.


Pierres de Charme


New arrival!


We have just received more than 100 new freshly cut Montana sapphires. We received a large quantity of calibrated stones but also unique pieces of 2.00 ct and more!


Pierres de Charme


Fall is coming!


Bangkok, one of the most important cities in the industry, is host for the biennial conference of the International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) taking place in 2019, from October 12 to 15.


We will have the opportunity to attend lectures given by several experts on various topics including new discoveries in the field of gemology and geology, trends and challenges of the luxury industry market, marketing and social networks and more!


On our way to Bangkok we will be making a stop in Sri Lanka where we will spend 4 days with our various contacts. This will give us the opportunity to see hundreds of stones on a daily basis so we can find the most beautiful sapphires just for you!


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We had the opportunity to attend the vernissage of the Montreal jewellery school graduates: Victoria Wozniak, Jacky Wei, Merissa Persechino, Maëva Lacombe, Constance Fortin, Philippe Crisafi, Charline Harand, Stephanie Leblond, Noore Saleh and François Charest. Congratulations! We wish you all the best.


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