09 April 2018

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We would like to share with you the last trends seen and heard in Tucson.


This year’s 2018 Pantone color is Ultra Violet! Think of amethysts, Tanzanites, purple Sapphires and Garnets.


The millennial wants a story that aligns with their values. They may insist on ethically-source and traceable precious metal or stones, or may only want to use a man-made diamond.

The Montana is by far the most popular North American gemstone seen at the show! Its teal, blue, green and yellow hues are particularly interesting.

Tourmalines are also a fabulous colored gemstone to work with! They come in a wide variety of colors and usually affordable.


Marketing colored gemstones – A simple reminder.

  1. Awareness: Establish your presence and let people know that you are out there. Target your market.
  2. Knowledge: Educate your customers about your products. Show them you know what differentiate you from others.
  3. Liking : Create a positive feeling. We want our customers to love us, our products, our service. To develop a relationship with them.
  4. Preference: Become a choice over competition.
  5. Action: Close a sale

Pierres de Charme


Read in Gemological magazine during Christmas season
and that I would like to share with you !


Can gemstones bring prosperity to Malawi?


This peaceful, democratic Malawi remains one of Africa’s least-developed countries. This country sits within the Mozambique Belt, surrounded by its famous gemstones-producing neighbors: Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique. They are mining sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, rhodolite, zircon and blue agate. Unlike their neighbors Malawi does not have a value-addition strategy, which would ensure more gemstones were processed in the country.


People need skills training at all stage of the value chain. 2 companies are working now hand-in-hand to bring Malawi’s gemstones to the attention of the world market. But also the government has to ensure more of the rough material stays in the country to be cut and fashioned. A very positive news!


Pierres de Charme


How to sell colored gemstone jewelry

When working with colored gemstones, the color is the value factor that has the greatest impact on its price. Here are some guidelines to follow when discussing the color of a gem with your customers:

A darker color is not necessarily better.


Many people believe that the darker the color, the greater the value of the stone. This is not necessarily true.

The most valuable gemstones are pure and bright, with a medium to dark hue. The value of a gemstone usually decreases as its color changes to a very light or very dark shade.


For many varieties of stones, the value also decreases when the color changes from a pure hue (red, blue, green, etc.) to something intermediate (such as orange-red or yellow-green).

When it comes to something as subjective as color, it is impossible to equate the cost and rarity of a gemstone with its beauty. Beauty is simply a question of perception. When it comes to helping your client it’s better that they choose what they prefer, do not let your personal feelings or gemological knowledge come into play. Encourage your customers to choose the colors they like according to their style and fashion sense. If a customer prefers a gemstone of a lighter shade, then it's your job to help him find the perfect color at the best price. He will be more satisfied with his purchase and his shopping experience in your store.


Pierres de Charme


Small gemological capsules


Did you know that blue zircons are heated?

Most come from Cambodia but some come from the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

When heated in oxidizing environment at 200-500 ° C dark brown zircons turn light orange brown but the color is unstable. They turn light brown at 600 ° C. When heated to 900 ° C they turn blue. The darker the brown, the more the blue is saturated.


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