30 May 2017

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We have expanded our collection of sapphires


We have expanded our collection of sapphires including the 2 to 5-carat ones. We checked out about eight hundred gemstones per day and negotiated very beautiful ones at highly competitive prices.


After carefully screening all gemstones with our expert eyes, we made sure they underwent a second laboratory inspection, a second polishing and sometimes second cut. Unheated gemstones come with a laboratory certificate.


Pierres de Charme


Here’s a short summary of our latest trip to Sri Lanka:

It was our second time buying a nice lot of rough, uncut sapphires from Montana. In 90% of cases, sapphires are heated in order to improve their colour or purity. This treatment is fully accepted in the industry, provided that no external elements are added to the process; especially since soil can have that same effect on the gemstones.

Some countries are experts in this area. Sri Lanka is one of them.
Thus we sent our uncut gemstones out there so they could be heated and cut. We also wanted to visit the facilities to check on certain practices, which now allows us to share with you what follows:


The cutting factory that cut all our sapphires is located near Colombo and they hire about eight workers. Women and men. No children. Working hours are from 8 am to 4:30 pm. In December, everyone gets double pay. Most employees have been working for the company since its founding eighteen years ago.

The employee retention rate is excellent there, as owners treat workers like members of their own family. For example, they’ll help them out in buying their house with interest-free loans. They’ll also offer support for wedding or funeral expenses. Once, they even went on vacation all together for three days. With spouses and children as well! All-inclusive. The mood at the cutting factory reflects this family atmosphere.


The gemstones are preformed and then heated in a most rudimentary place. See the picture of the machine that holds so many secrets! Overnight, the temperature is maintained at 1,850 degrees Celsius with oxygen supply (through all visible pipes). Then the temperature is gradually reduced. It may take three days for total cooling and it is only then that the colour of the gem is stabilized. I recommend you not to try this at home though!

Stones are often heated again two or even three times, then they are cut.


This is where the expertise of the “burning man” comes into play. Montana sapphires do not react in the same way as the ones from Sri Lanka. The end result is impeccable and beautiful.

After this cutting and heating process, the final yield is down to 20% of the initial number of uncut gems. Then they have to be sorted according to their shape, size and colour in order to determine the best selling prices.

A very small number of uncut stones were fairly pure and good-coloured, and therefore did not need to be heated.

Finally, all our gemstones are of an excellent cut!


Pierres de Charme

We often hear that young people are no longer buying jewellery. Instead they choose to travel, explore high mountains, indulge in extreme sports and culinary adventures, or invest in the latest technologies.

Budget is not a problem; they simply rather live experiences, and by far.


Which is why we believe that if we start sharing some of our observations on the way they do things in the gemstone industry, you’ll then have valuable information to make your clients dream. And even make them live an experience.


Several jewellers are already involving their clients in the purchase of coloured gemstones and then accompanying them throughout the creation process of their jewel. Such personalized way of doing business really touches the customer. It's indeed a truly magical experience.


Pierres de Charme


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Hundreds of pictures have been added for your delight.




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